Ride & Room Share

You can save money by sharing a room and/or carpooling to the event! Let other attendees know that you would like to share by posting a comment on this page. Be sure to include in the COMMENT section (not only the “Email” section) a way in which other attendees may contact you (email, FB, phone, etc). Otherwise other participants will not be able to reach you regarding sharing a ride/room. Your email address will be visible only to admins if you do not post it in the Comment box as well. Any ride/room arrangements must be made by you, with other participants, as the NCSC staff will not be making them. Alternatively, log on to our Facebook page to make arrangements with others who are attending. Once you’ve found a roommate and no longer need your post, please email us through the Contact Us page so we can remove it. (Unfortunately there is no way for you to remove it on your own.)


  1. Anastasia says:

    Folks, please don’t forget to include your e-mail address (or other means of contact) in the COMMENT section. Otherwise only the admins can see your e-mail address and other attendees will be unable to contact you to arrange room or ride share. Thanks!

    Please also BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE POSTS to see if people have posted and then found someone. And don’t just post your info, but take the initiative to contact those who have already posted!

    See you at NCSC 2018! 🙂

  2. Hosting says:

    Not only did I learn about issues that so many single Catholics share, but I was able to exchange ideas and encourage others. I came away feeling stronger in my Faith and excited about the next event.

  3. Patrick Leblanc says:

    HI, I’m from NY and am thinking about sharing a room.

  4. Monica says:

    Hello I am in the Houston area , 50 year old woman wanting to carpool to event and share a room with someone. Contact me thanks, Monica – morihuela68@icloud.com

  5. Caron says:

    I live in a suburb of Atlanta and would like to share a room for the conference. I am an active 61 year old woman who will be participating in lits of the events. I am a non- smoker and want to room with a non smoker please.
    Contact me through email.
    Thank you. Caron.

  6. Brenda says:

    Hello –

    I’m coming from Chicago looking to share a room. 46 year old female. Contact me if you’d like to share.
    Brenda – pparkiheart@gmail.com

  7. Mayra Osorio says:

    Hello my name is Mayra,
    I’m flying in from Oregon. I am planning on checking in Friday and would like to share a room with a female around my same age. I am 37 years old. Please contact me at rodriguezmayra1982@gmail.com if you’d like to share!

  8. Patricia LaCroix says:

    Hi! I live in the Chicago area, I’ll be 55 by the time the conference rolls around, and I’m a widow. While I prefer to have my own room, I’d love to share the ride down there with someone. I’m actually thinking about going via Greyhound! But I don’t want to do that alone. If anyone lives up this way and would like to share the adventure of taking the bus to Nashville and back with me, please let me know! trixielcx@gmail.com I would like to get there by Thursday evening and leave by early Sunday afternoon. Thank you!

  9. Blandine Kemayou says:

    Hello Blandine here,
    I will be coming from Columbia Missouri. I’m 28 years Young 🙂 and I’m looking for a female roomate.
    My email blandinekemayou@gmail.com

  10. Nicole Hamilton says:

    Hello – My name is Nicole. I’m looking to share a room if someone is interested. I’m 32 and will be flying in from Vermont. I haven’t bought my plane ticket yet, but am looking to arrive either Wednesday or Thursday, and then depart either Sunday or Monday. If interested please feel free to email me at nmh21187@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  11. BRADLEY M WRIGHT says:

    Hello My name is Brad Wright this would be my 2nd time going I went last year in Minneapolis. I am going to buy room soon I was wondering if any male would like to share a room with me? You can email me at bradley.wright.it@gmail.com if you are interested.

  12. Connie Pile says:

    Connie, 41 coming from Houston. Trying to find roommates, the more the merrier. Connie.pile@gmail.com

  13. Dorothy says:

    Hi, I’m Dorothy from California. I would like to share a room. I am over 40 and never been married. Please email me at: dorthi@hotmail.com.

  14. Shelly Emery says:

    Hi my name is Shelly. I will be flying in early Friday morning from Florida. I would be interested in sharing a room with someone. I am 44 years old and a non-smoker. Looking to share with another non smoker. semery88@yahoo.com

  15. Jane F Poelman says:

    Hi my name is Jane I will be coming in from montana either the 23rd or 24th and am looking to share a room. I am 33 years old and a nonsmoker. Please contact me at j.poelman25@gmail.com

  16. Dan says:

    Male, non-smoker with an exterior room to share (The Inn at OpryLand). Check-in Friday, Oct 25th and Check-out Monday, Oct 28, 2019. Please contact me if you are interested: pauwalla2001@yahoo.com

  17. Jenna Wilson says:

    33 year old Female, non-smoker looking for roommate. Looking at arriving thursday and departing monday.

  18. Maribel says:

    Hello, I am from Chicago looking to share room. I am 43. Bella. Maribel.frnc@yahoo.com

  19. Cheryl says:

    Coming from Charlotte NC…looking for a roommate. – Cheryl, nernyl@gmail.com

  20. Jenna says:

    I just booked a room for Thursday night through Monday morning (24th-28th). Contact me if you are a gal who wants to share it.

  21. John says:

    My name is John coming from Chicago arriving Friday leaving Sunday – John.frederick63@gmail.com

  22. Dianne Ambrose says:

    2019 Nashville Conference
    Hi MY name is Dianne. I am 54 yrs old widowed non smoker. I would like to share a room. Also I plan to drive so if you are in the Atlanta area or on the way up let me know.
    Phone call or text 706-338-2402

  23. Matt Weilert says:

    Planning on driving from Central Texas (willing to pick up others in 50-75 mile radius of Bastrop county (TBD requests), and enroute to Nashville, (reach out to coordinate). Van seats 7, yet max travel capacity 4+me, to leave room for luggage. – Matt, mw@skymtn.co

  24. Victoria Canto says:

    Hi from Fall River, MA 02721
    Looking to share a ride to conference. Excellent driver, I will help with driving and gas. I am 63 use a cane to get around. Non smoking. Anyone traveling from east coast. Please contact me 508 679 4313 or vmc123@webtv.net. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. God Bless!

  25. Evy says:

    Hello Ladies! I’m in my late 30s and have a double room reserved. I’m looking for other females (2 or 3) who are willing to share the room and the cost. I am arriving to Nashville on October 24 (Thursday) and leaving October 28 (Monday). If you are interested, please email me at ewelinaslg@yahoo.com. Thank you and God Bless.

  26. Amy Teutenberg says:

    My name is Amy. I’m 32 and am coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I can join anyone coming from Chicago, Indianapolis or St. Louis on the way. My work lets me drive back Monday morning, but not sure if I can leave on Thurs or Friday morning yet. Teutenbeam16@alumni.uww.edu 262-844-1195

  27. Cathy says:

    I am a 56 year, young female, non-smoker looking for a female to share a room with at the event for Friday and Saturday night. I will be driving up so I can also provide transportation to the event.
    Send me an email cathyamiddleton@gmail.com

  28. Amanda Villarreal says:

    Hello! My name is Amanda, I am a 40 year old female, non-smoker. Would like to see if anyone is interested in sharing a room Friday through Saturday? If anyone is interested, please reach out to me, my email is ammivipe@gmail.com. Thanks!

  29. Jim Marak says:

    Jim Marak

    I have a out side room booked (for Oct,24,25,26,27,(Thrs, Fri, Sat and Sun. nights). I have one room mate and would like one more for the four nights. For a total of three people in the room.
    My Ph No. Cell- 405-821-0135, Home-405-279-2376. Email- jrmarak@hotmail.com.
    Yours In Christ.

  30. Rosa says:

    Hi My name is Rosa, I am a 55 yr old, non-smoker. I would like to share a room with a female from Thursday to Monday Oct (24th – 28th) . Please contact me, my e mail rosamontoya6@gmail.com

  31. victoria says:

    I am female from LA. Looking to share a room.
    Thurs, Fri, sat, sun or some variation thereof.

  32. Lucy canty says:

    Hi I am Lucy and would like to share a room with female nonsmoker from thurs oct 24 to Monday oct 28. I am flying in thurs and out Monday . Would stay at Opryland hotel in the conference blocked rooms if still available..
    Call or text 617-504-0823

  33. Anne-Marie says:

    Hello, my name is Anne-Marie from MN- I’m 40 and this will be my 5th conference! I will be staying Thursday night and leaving Monday- and am open to staying with 1 or 2 other females. Please let me know if you are looking as well, or have already purchased. Thanks!

  34. Annie says:


    I’m 34 and looking for lodging Thursday – Monday with any number of other ladies! I enjoy roommates, so I prefer 3 or more, and I don’t mind bed-sharing or taking a cot. – azeiler84@gmail.com

  35. Annie says:

    For any lady or gentleman who happened to sign up for the 2020 crossfit open and plans to be at the conference Thursday through Monday, let me know and I’ll find a convenient time for us to slip away to rock 20.3 and return back to our compatriots as muscled champions! 😉

    For the win,
    Annie – azeiler84@gmail.com

  36. Junior Payano says:

    Hi!!! Myself and a friend are carpooling from near Pittsburgh PA to Nashville TN on Oct 23 Wednesday early morning (contact me if you want to carpool – if you want a return ride then it would be after Mammoth Cave trip), spending two nights (Wednesday & Thursday) at Clarion Downtown Hotel in Nashville. Looking for 2 more males for these two nights only. I got this room at a discounted price per hookup from a friend so itll be super cheap.

    – Junior P
    FB: jr romeo

  37. Dennis says:

    For those who are flying to Nashville, prices are increasing, so I recommend booking a flight minimum 21 days prior to the conference.

    The best fare I could find was $277, but $336 had more convenient travel times. IMHO, if you find something under $400, you are doing good.

    American can work for those flying from Dallas, Chicago, Miami, or Philadelphia. Delta is probably the best bet from Atlanta, Detroit, or Minneapolis. Southwest airlines also flies to Nashville, and Southwest does have some direct flights to Nashville.

    I don’t work for any airline – so these are not endorsements or discounts – just trying to provide help with transportation.

  38. Lisa Mehos says:


    My name is Lisa and I’m flying in from NJ (ps Great flights on frontier special low prices today non stop Tuesday 22 to Tuesday 29! Check it out, different states)

    Additionally, I reserved a room for Friday and Saturday night (that’s all that was available) I have a room with two double beds. I am also a second time attendee ( attended Pittsburgh in 2017) and possibly volunteering as I did in 2017. I was hardly in my room, but do need to get sleep/rest at night –so please do not snore, ;), be warm, kind, considerate and non smoking 🙂

    I am registered for events on Thursday, Friday and Sunday as well — may be leading some…so I welcome to share my room and also looking to share Wed, Thurs and/or Sun (also figuring out Tues night & Monday) if any availability with someone who has already booked. Would like to stay at hotel wed thru Mon to make events/attendence/volunteering simple.

    I am flexible and open. I plan on arriving Tuesday night the 22nd and leaving Tuesday night 29th. I’ve been planning to visit Nashville for some time, looking forward to it, while celebrating Catholic faith in community.

    Please email at lisa.inspire@gmail.com
    or contact me with text initially at 973-619-2838
    I look forward to hearing from you and brainstorming!

  39. Lisa Mehos says:

    Its Lisa from NJ again with update:

    I now have rooms booked for 6 nights at NCSC block rate.
    Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon nights, I am leaving Tuesday 29th. If anyone would like to split the cost, please let me know asap. I am open to sharing and flexible in 2 day increments as well…..if someone needs a room to share wed & thurs, someone else Fri and Sat, someone else Sun & Monday etc…or all or … if you are also volunteering a plus.

  40. lisa says:

    update: Lisa from NJ

    I just confirmed 6 nights at NCSC at the block rate ( room reserved 2 full beds)
    Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.
    I would love to share cost and experience. see post above additionally.
    I will be quite involved both as attendee and volunteer.

  41. Jeff Richmond says:

    Hey guys,

    Looking for two other Catholic Gentlemen to join us in a room. A few of us have shared a room three
    times before — AND after each conference, we talked about how the camaraderie (with other faithful
    Catholic men) in a room was so cool — and a gift! Plus some of us were goofballs — FUN, and it is
    cheaper than rooming by ourselves. (Three guys last year said they really appreciated the work of
    orchestrating the whole set up. That they either didn’t have the time, or couldn’t have done it … and it
    saved them the expense of a room by themselves. I saw it as a win – win. So that is what I’m doing
    here.) Please call, text or email with any questions. I’ll try my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

    Peace, hope and courage,

    Jeff Richmond

    • Each room will have two Double Beds.
    • Free WiFi is included with all NCSC rooms.
    • The expectation is one guy per bed and two guys on floor — or if preferred, a comfy upholstered chair?
    • Bed or floor is prearranged on phone, so you’ll know before conference.
    • Front desk said, “Plenty of Blankets / Pillows to make the floor Comfy” … like a Bed! : )
    • We used a guy’s “Marriott Bonvoy Awards” so we get Early Check-In (6am) / Extended Check-Out (2pm) …
    • OR FREE Luggage Pre-Check if room is immediately unavailable for Check-In
    • OR Luggage Hold if Extended Check-Out not possible.

    • Rooms reserved SIX nights — to attend conference and ALL “pre” AND “post” conference activities.
    • SIX nights — room rate, city tax, occupancy tax, state province tax, maid’s tip + free WiFi etc = $365 total

    • Rooms reserved FOUR nights — to attend conference and just the “POST” conference activities.
    • FOUR nights — room rate, city tax, occupancy tax, state province tax, maid’s tip + free WiFi etc = $255 total

    • Rooms reserved TWO nights — to attend just the NCSC.
    • TWO nights — room rate, city tax, occupancy tax, state province tax, maid’s tip + free WiFi etc = $145 total

    — Wednesday Oct 23 — CHECK-IN AVAILABLE (Anytime after 4:00 pm — or 6 am Check-In / Luggage Pre-Check.)
    — Thursday Oct 24 — CHECK-IN AVAILABLE (Anytime after 4:00 pm — or 6 am Check-In / Luggage Pre-Check.)
    — Friday Oct 25 — CHECK-IN AVAILABLE (Anytime after 4:00 pm — or 6 am Check-In / Luggage Pre-Check.)
    — Saturday Oct 26
    — Sunday Oct 27 — CHECK-OUT AVAILABLE (Noon — or 2 pm Check-Out / Luggage Hold.)
    — Monday Oct 28 — CHECK-OUT AVAILABLE (Noon — or 2 pm Check-Out / Luggage Hold.)
    — Tuesday Oct 29 — CHECK-OUT AVAILABLE (Noon — or 2 pm Check-Out / Luggage Hold.)

  42. Amy Teutenberg says:

    Amy 262-844-1195 Teutenbeam16@alumni.uww.edu
    FEMALE SEEKING ROOM ASAP! I was told its the last day to book at the group rate tonight Oct 2nd! Please call me or text asap if you want to book and share or if you have an extra bed. My dates are flexible but ideally Thurs -Mon,

  43. Bill G. says:

    Hi! I am a 64 year old guy who is still on the fence about whether or not to attend to the conference. A good friend has strongly recommended the conference and will give me a ride. However, she noted that all of the rooms at the conference hotel are booked. if anyone is interested in sharing a room where there will be 3 guys or less to a room, i woudl be interested. I figure this will be the way the Lord will let me know whether I shoudl go or not. I hope to deicde by Oct. 10.

    Thanks, Bill – wcgatty5@comcast.net

  44. Diane says:

    There are 3 woman looking for one more roommate. It would be a hotel at the hotel the conference recommended. It would be for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the total cost at $203. Please email me at dianewithpremier@yahoo.com

  45. Anna Maria Basquez says:

    Johnny Cash & Patsy Cline Museums plus Goo Goo Candy Shop
    Optional Excursion:
    10 am to 4 pm on Thursday Oct. 24
    — A group of us are heading to see the museum voted best No. 1 by Forbes and National Geographic in recent years, which is a heartfelt tribute to the gospel devotee and star, Johnny Cash. We meet 10 am Thursday Oct. 24 in the lobby to share Ubers and start out at Patsy Cline Museum 10:30-12:30. Lunch at Domenico’s nearby steak and pasta place. Then over to Johnny Cash Museum in the same vicinity at 2-5 pm then a quick stop at Goo Goo’s chocolate nearby. Cost for Patsy Cline Museum: $18.95 plus tax. Cost for Johnny Cash Museum: $19.95 plus tax. Lunch on separate tabs. Write me at BasquezA@aol.com to join! – Thanks! Anna Maria Basquez

  46. Brian says:

    I am interested in sharing a room with other room mates.

    Please contact brian at
    303 568 8537

  47. Giselle Fernandez says:

    Hello. My name is Giselle and I am a fun loving woman in her mid fifties from California. I am looking for at least one woman roommate (or maybe two) to share the cost of the hotel. I plan to stay either Thursday through Sunday or Thursday through Monday.

    Please let me know (ASAP) if you are interested.

    Giselle – gisellefern@aol.com

  48. Anna Maria Basquez says:

    Wednesday Arrivals:
    Great options Wednesday Night are:
    – Nearby Opryland if you can’t get the tour in later, it’s walking distance from hotel
    – 7:30 pm Texas Troubadour Theatre for the most current authentic Nashville sound (go to their website for the Wednesday night tickets). This is also close to hotel. But probably an Uber ride.
    – Tour Gaylord Opryland and bring your swimsuit-across from our hotel. Outstanding hotel!
    – Some of us are meeting at the hotel lobby at Inn at Opryland at 8:00 pm Wednesday Oct. 23 to share Ubers to Music Row on and near Elliston pl. which generally closes up at midnight where we will go see such places like no cover places The Gold Rush, Old Glory, The Country Nashville. We will Uber to the Gold Rush. Good cover places ($5-10) are The End and Exit Inn.
    – Then at Midnight if you’re still up to it we all share Ubers 8 minutes away to Broadway/downtown Nashville nightspots to go to the classics meeting first at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Roberts Western World, and Nudie’s Honky Tonk, all the most recommended. The places there isn’t a cover (none of these) donations to the bands are encouraged.
    – Email BasquezA@aol.com if you plan to join us.

  49. Anna Maria Basquez says:

    Myself plus one other female are looking for an extra roommate to share our room staying preferably Wednesday to Monday or some variation. Contact us if still looking: BasquezA@aol.com. Also if I can’t find anyone staying also Sunday night if any of you have room for Sunday night to share, also let me know. Anna B!

  50. Anna Maria Basquez says:

    Peeps still searching flights, go ahead and try using my entertainment code on cheapoair for 20 percent off. Code: COA2019. Also I heard Southwest Airlines website has pretty reasonable rates right now into Nashville.

  51. Valentine Boehm says:

    Not sure how this works. I am a man looking to share a room Friday & Saturday nights. I am quiet. I will be arriving by car which holds 4 people. Leave message. Valentine 513-218-6170

  52. Katelynn Kiefer says:

    My name is Katelynn. I am from Portland Oregon.
    I am looking forward to meeting new people and strengthening my faith!

    I might be interested in sharing a room Friday and Saturday Night.

    I am also wondering if anyone is traveling from Detroit. If possible, would like to visit family after the Conference.

    ** Please text your email address. I have had difficulty with my email lately.

    God bless! – 971-294-3252

  53. Giselle Fernandez says:

    Hello again:

    My name is Giselle and I was lucky enough to find some great roommates from Thursday night to Saturday night.
    However, I am staying until Monday and am now looking to find a roommate for Sunday night only.

    I am also interested in going to the Andrew Jackson Hermitage either on Sunday or Monday if anyone is interested.

  54. James says:

    I arrive to Nashville airport on 12:55 pm on Thursday , Oct. 24th. If anyone if interested in sharing an Uber or Lyft text me. Might be cheaper and easier than the shuttle. 904-386-8320 – James

    God bless!

  55. Mayra says:

    Hello eveyrone,
    I’m planning on visiting the Dave Ramsey Headquarters on Thursday morning. If you would like to go, we can share an Uber. I’m traveling from Orange County Ca. You can reach me at mayra0695@att.net


  56. Pat Windham says:

    I have a room with 2 double beds at the host hotel that I no longer can use. Anyone interested please contact me. – Thanks, Pat – grandmawind@gmail.com

  57. Jenna says:

    Get excited conference is this week!

    I’m arriving in Nashville 6:55p Thursday. Anyone arriving at similar time want to share a lyft/uber?

  58. Amy Teutenberg says:

    If you need a room for Sunday and Monday night, we are 4 girls in our 20s/30s that have booked a downtown Air B N B with a rooftop pool and cityview deck with 4 queen beds and 2 couches. (5 blocks walk to Broadway, live music) (15 mins from Parish center by uber, 20 mins from airport by uber and 40 min bus to airport)

    It would be only $25-40 per person per night splitting it depending on how many of us there are ($122 per night total). (Its only for Sunday and Monday night (we are at the Inn at Opryland the earlier days)

    Call or text me (Amy) at 262-844-1195 (Teutenbeam16@alumni.uww.edu)

  59. Tricia Lyon says:

    Hi Everyone ~ My roommate will no longer be able to attend the conference. I have a room that I will no longer be using as I have an offer to stay with two other friends in their room. My stay is Thursday night to Sunday night.
    Can anyone use this room? It is at the host hotel.


  60. Victoria says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a room tonight Wednesday, 10/23/19 to share.
    949 300 0693 I text.

  61. Brian M says:


    It’s late Thursday night, and I just realized I have an additional unneded reservation at the host hotel:
    — for Fri and Sat nights
    — 2 doubles, exterior
    — the rate was the $154/night

    If this could be useful, please text me, likely before about 10:30am Friday when I will need to return the room to hotel.
    — 970.222.0486

    Blessings all!
    Brian M

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