Ride & Room Share

You can save money by sharing a room and/or carpooling to the event! Let other attendees know that you would like to share by posting a comment on this page. Be sure to include in the COMMENT section (not only the “Email” section) a way in which other attendees may contact you (email, FB, phone, etc). Otherwise other participants will not be able to reach you regarding sharing a ride/room. Your email address will be visible only to admins if you do not post it in the Comment box as well. Any ride/room arrangements must be made by you, with other participants, as the NCSC staff will not be making them. Alternatively, log on to our Facebook page to make arrangements with others who are attending. Once you’ve found a roommate and no longer need your post, please email us through the Contact Us page so we can remove it. (Unfortunately there is no way for you to remove it on your own.)


  1. Anastasia says:

    Folks, please don’t forget to include your e-mail address (or other means of contact) in the COMMENT section. Otherwise only the admins can see your e-mail address and other attendees will be unable to contact you to arrange room or ride share. Thanks!

    Please also BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE POSTS to see if people have posted and then found someone. And don’t just post your info, but take the initiative to contact those who have already posted!

    See you at NCSC 2018! 🙂

  2. Hosting says:

    Not only did I learn about issues that so many single Catholics share, but I was able to exchange ideas and encourage others. I came away feeling stronger in my Faith and excited about the next event.

  3. Janet Patrice says:

    I am looking to room with ladies who will be staying from Thursday/Friday – Monday. If you have space for a roommate let me know by sending an email JanetPJohnson@gmail.com. Early responses please.

  4. Alma says:

    I’m looking to find people who are willing to share a ride to the event. My email address is alma_villatoro84@hotmail.com.. thanks!

  5. Monica Orihuela says:

    Hello, my name is Monica Orihuela and I am looking for a roommate for conference also if you are leaving out of Houston/Hobby Airport we could share info etc .. This would be my first time attending and would like to experience very much . Thanks! My email is morihuela68@icloud.com

  6. Anita Moen says:

    Went to one in 2009. Would like to go to this one. I’m located in central Texas. Contact: ms_redtee.5555@yahoo.com

  7. Caroline Pasetes says:

    Hello there, my name is Caroline Pasetes. I’m 54 yrs young and looking for a roommate or someone to share a ride to St Paul, MN. I live in Algonquin, IL and plan to leave Wednesday evening around 5 pm CT and arrive in St Paul around 11 pm. This is my first time going and I am so looking forward to NCSC 2018! You can reach me at cpasetes1125@gmail.com or 630-207-9222. Thank you and God bless.

  8. Chrysa Kostecka says:

    Hello, my name is Chrysa Kostecka, I’m 56. This is my first time attending the NCSC, looking to share a room. I will be getting into the Twin Cities on Thursday evening and checking out on Monday. You can reach me at cmarschall@tds.net. Thank you and God Bless. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  9. Carol Golus says:

    I live in the northeast St. Paul, Minnesota area approximately 23 miles from the conference or a 1/2 hour drive. Is there anyone attending from this area and would they like to carpool?

  10. Carol Golus says:

    I commented earlier about carpooling to the conference from northeast St. Paul. Forgot to give you contact info.
    e-mail: cjgolus@yahoo.com cell: 651.402.8315

  11. Nabuule Vivian says:

    Hi, I am 38. Interested in attending this. Anyone planning to go to the conference from the Bay Area,CA? This would be my first time 🙂 Also wondering if any ladies would be interested in having a roommate. Thank you.

  12. Nabuule Vivian says:

    I commented earlier and didn’t live my cell number and email address in the message box. My cell number is 5104674879 and my email is zabu_lani@yahoo.com

  13. Carol Hahn says:

    Hi gals, this is Carol and I’m 61. This will be my first conference. I would very much like to find 2 other gals who would be interested in sharing a room with me. I’m coming from SW Iowa and probably won’t make it up to the Twin Cities until Friday. So, I’ll need a room for Friday and Saturday night. You may reach me by email: alpacalady23@yahoo.com or end me a cell phone text @ 712.310.5398. Thanks and look forward to seeing you all there!

  14. Claudia Nowak says:

    Hi ladies I’m planning to attend this once in a lifetime memorably event. Anyone from Orange County planning to go too. If yes then please contact me and let us talk. I’m fit with all ages.

  15. Dennis says:

    Recommend Airlines:

    1. Delta has a hub in Minneapolis, so for quite a few air travelers Delta may have reasonable fares.

    2. American has some reasonable fares, but remember that connections may have to be made at hubs, such as Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, Miami, and New York.

    3. Southwest now goes to Minneapolis. Straight flights are available from Chicago Midway, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, and a few other cities. No charge for two bags, and making connections is not too hard. Southwest is running some bargain fares right now.

    By the way, the conference hotel has a shuttle bus to take attendees to and from the airport. That should save attendees money too.

  16. Olivia says:

    Hi there! I’ll be flying in late Friday night and leaving early Monday morning. I’m coming in from either Sacramento, California, or San Francisco , California! I live in San Joaquin County … I’m an easy going woman. Anyone interested in sharing a room? My first time attending! Excited, and this will be my birthday weekend! Looking forward to many blessings and learning more about my Faith!

  17. Olivia Ortiz says:

    Forgot to leave my email and phone number,
    Olivia 209-373-9370 or olivia.ortiz2012@gmail.com

  18. sandy b says:

    Hi all!
    Looking for someone to share a room June 6-12 (with Diamond HH status) for all or part of the time. I like to think I’m a fun gal in my late-30s and will be coming in from NJ (don’t have flight info yet). I can be reached at sanders713@gmail.com or 732-771-7684 (text or leave a message)

  19. Chrysa Kostecka says:

    Hi, This is Chrysa Kostecka again. I already have a room reservation for Wed nite with check out Monday am. Unfortunately, my roommate had to cancel. I’m 56, attending the conference for the first time, and looking for someone who would like to take the former roommates spot. email me at cmarschall@tds.net. Thanks. Hope to hear from you. God Bless.

  20. Paul Rodi says:

    Looking for Roommate(s) for the conference. I’m a young adult (29 years old), like to have a lot of fun, and am trying to split the cost of a room and grow in fellowship.
    From: Augusta, GA
    Email: Luapidor@gmail.com
    Phone: 804-304-9341

  21. Evy says:

    Hi there,
    I’m looking for another or 2 ladies to share a room with June 7 – 11 or for part of that time. I’m in my mid 30s and will be coming from Denver. I’m so excited for the conference. Anyone interested? Please email me at: ewelinaslg@yahoo.com. Best

  22. Agnes Mugo says:

    Dear friends

    Anyone coming from Kenya. Contact me. Agnes Mugo
    Tel: 254 708 828666

  23. Luan Aubin says:

    Hi Ladies, My name is Luan. I’m 56 and I’m looking to share a room. I’ll be flying in from California on Thursday afternoon and flying out on Monday afternoon. This is my first time attending the conference and I’m very excited. You can reach me at Luan916@msn.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

  24. Jessica says:

    My name is Jessica, I live in Hudson, Wisconsin which is about 45 minuets from Bloomington. I am 33 and looking for someone who is looking for a room. I have a room saved for Thursday night to Sunday. If you are interested please send a message to me at jamazur07@gmail.com. Take care and God Bless.

  25. claire says:

    Dear All:

    I’ll be arriving from june 6 to June 11. I’m looking for a room share.
    Is there anyone can take me ~~~ I’m clean and quiet, thanks!!
    I’m also signing up a few events, and is looking for carpool.
    thanks, Claire


    Hi i would like to share a room, my email is christinapatras@hotmail.com. See if anyone is interested and i can enjoy the company and fellowship.

  27. Andrea Hernandez says:

    Hi everyone. I will be visiting from Ca. I’ll be staying for a few days after the conferences and have signed up for a few post events. I wanted to check out a few other outside activities after the conference (baseball game/viking stadium tour). Anyone else interested?
    Andrea – fttusdys2@aol.com

  28. Katie Dubas says:

    If any lady staying for some of the post-conference activities needs a room, I have a room booked and am happy to share expenses. I’m 41 yrs old and pretty easy-going. Contact me: katie.dubas@gmail.com
    1. Sunday and Monday night @ the Hilton – I have space for 1 additional lady, maybe 2 ladies if we share beds.
    2. Tuesday night trip to National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. I will be booking a hotel room today and have room for 1 additional lady. Thanks!

  29. Lucille canty says:

    I am a pleasant and clean female and a nurse coming from Virginia to stay Thurs nite till Monday looking for female roommate.
    I have booked my flight.Going to some of the pre and post events.
    – Lucille, Lucillemarycanty@gmail.com

  30. Tom Lemond says:

    hi, tom 57,Chicago, seeks lodging F,S,Sun,M. Thnx.
    312 402 5679 or tlemond6@yahoo.com.

  31. Meschell Novak says:

    Female, 26, looking to room with someone. I will be staying Thursday-Sunday. mmnovak10@yahoo.com

  32. Tara Nagengast says:

    Hi There,

    My name is Tara. I am a clean and polite young lady seeking a friend to board with for two nights during Friday evening to Sunday day. If any woman wants to split the cost of a room, or has a room already and desires a buddy, I’m your gal!

    God’s blessings to you all, can’t wait to meet you!


  33. Margaret Vaneps says:

    I have reserved a room for Friday and Saturday, looking for someone to share a room. Contact me Peg, pvaneps@gmail.com or 218.256.9824.

  34. Zenon says:

    Looking for a roommate for Thursday – Monday (could be for fewer nights).
    If you are interested please contact Zenon: zganczar@gmail.com

  35. Merlyn Dcunha says:

    My name is Merlyn and I am looking for someone to share a room with. If any woman wants to split the cost of a room, or has a room booked already, please contact me at merlyn18@gmail.com or 214 707 5986.

    See you soon … thanks

  36. Dominic Catalano says:

    I have a room for Friday and Saturday in MN. Looking for a guy to share the room. Dominic – dominic@catgear.com

  37. Helani says:

    Hello! Do any ladies out there still need a roommate? Maybe for Thursday–Monday? 🙂 — Helani – helani.maria@gmail.com

  38. Joy says:

    Hi, I’m looking to share a room for Friday, Jan8 and Saturday, Jan9. But I will be arriving late on Friday. Please please let me know. I’m 54 yo (but looking like 40s-as they say) conservative and prayerful woman from LA. Joy – joy2dworld@gmail.com.

  39. Stella says:

    Hi, I was informed that the Minnesota Wildlife is a prime attraction for state visitors. Is there anyone from Minnesota who can share more info about this place? And if there’s anybody who would be interested to go photo shoot some wildlife maybe Tues, June 12th, then you may contact me. 773-779-3883. I would love to spend a day at the wildlife.

  40. Jeff Richmond says:

    Hey guys,

    We have three rooms set up this year, but still have space for two more Catholic Gentlemen to join us. Most of the guys here have
    shared rooms before, and each year we have just felt the camaraderie in our rooms (with other faithful Catholic men) was really just
    cool — encouraging … and a gift! Plus some of us were goofballs — so it was FUN, and it’s cheaper to room together too. Right
    now we can easily accommodate anyone looking to stay FIVE nights or FOUR nights. We are also open to guys staying for only
    three nights too — especially if you are stuck. (And maybe two nights as well as we get closer if not filled up.) Just give me a call
    and we’ll either fit you in, or I’ll try to help connect you to other guys that still may be looking, but not posting. (The effort here, BTW,
    was requested by a roommate who just didn’t have the time or interest to post — but who appreciated the work orchestrating the
    whole setup … AND it saved them the expense of a room alone. I saw it as a win – win. So that is what I’m doing here.) : ) Please
    contact me with any questions. God bless. Peace, hope and courage, Jeff Richmond (720.620.8572) 1463garfieldstreet@gmail.com

    — Thursday night, June 7th — CHECK-IN (Anytime after 4:00 pm.)
    — Friday night, June 8th
    — Saturday night, June 9th
    — Sunday night, June 10th
    — Monday night, June 11th — CHECK-OUT (1:00 pm extended, FOUR nights)
    — Tuesday, June 12th 11:00 am — CHECK-OUT (1:00 pm extended, FIVE nights)

    • Two rooms, each will have two double beds and one couch.
    • The expectation is one guy per bed and two guys on floor — or couch if preferred?
    • Bed, couch or floor is prearranged on phone, so you’ll know before conference.
    • Front desk said, “plenty of blankets / pillows to make the floor comfy” … like a bed! : )
    • Both rooms have the “choice” view overlooking the river valley and Wildlife Refuge.
    • Both rooms are adjacent and close to elevator, which is nice if up and down often?
    • We used a guys “Hilton Awards” so we can get late check out for free.
    • Rooms reserved FOUR or FIVE nights — to attend pre / post conference activities:
    • Total FIVE nights, includes everything — room rate, tax, tip + free WiFi etc = $275.00
    • Total FOUR nights, includes everything — room rate, tax, tip + free WiFi etc = $240.00
    • NOTE: Let me know if you’d prefer a SUNDAY checkout (3 nights) for a cheaper price?

  41. Larry says:

    Hey men—I have a room Friday-Monday in the hotel (3 nights). 2 double beds. Looking for a roommate. Please contact me if interested: LarryforLife@gmail.com or 678-770-6400.

  42. D says:

    Hello — due to a cancellation TWO hotel rooms will be opening up at the discounted rate. One is for THURS, FRI, SAT, SUN — the other is for FRI, SAT, SUN ——-I am posting here first before I call the hotel to cancel in case someone wants to take the rooms. Feel free to text me: 914.413.3160

  43. Lynnette says:

    Making very last minute plans and hoping someone still has space for female, 50, arrive Friday, depart Monday. Please text 702-721-0393 or email lynnetterr018@gmail.com

  44. Don Whicker says:

    If anyone needs to book a room at the Hilton either Thursday night or Sunday night, I just canceled my reservation for those days. It’s a room with two double beds. You can contact the hotel directly at ‭(952) 854-2100‬ or call the Hilton reservation number at (800)445-8667.

  45. Kristin says:

    Hello! Just found out about this event and feel called to attend. Does anyone have room for a woman staying Friday and Saturday night? 517-755-6004 Thank you and God bless! 🙂

  46. Jeannese says:


    Does anyone live in Roseville?

    I am staying with a family there and I am looking for a ride to the conference on June 8th. I plan on going to Mall of America before the conference.

    My e-mail is cjenerosity@yahoo.com


  47. Victoria says:

    Last-minute plans.

    I am planning to go, ideally Thursday to Monday.

    Know of any female roommate opportunities?


  48. Zenon says:

    We have a space for one person on Friday and Saturday night.
    If you are interested please contact Zenon: zganczar@gmail.com

  49. Matthew says:

    Hey all,
    I have room for one or two guys. I will be there Thursday to Monday. I can be reached at bauermatt19@aol.com or 630-638-6217.

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