Ride & Room Share

You can save money by sharing a room and/or carpooling to the event! Let other attendees know that you would like to share by posting a comment on this page. Be sure to include in the COMMENT section (not only the “Email” section) a way in which other attendees may contact you (email, FB, phone, etc). Otherwise other participants will not be able to reach you regarding sharing a ride/room. Your email address will be visible only to admins if you do not post it in the Comment box as well. Any ride/room arrangements must be made by you, with other participants, as the NCSC staff will not be making them. Alternatively, log on to our Facebook page to make arrangements with others who are attending. Once you’ve found a roommate and no longer need your post, please email us through the Contact Us page so we can remove it. (Unfortunately there is no way for you to remove it on your own.)


  1. Anastasia says:

    Folks, please don’t forget to include your e-mail address (or other means of contact) in the COMMENT section. Otherwise only the admins can see your e-mail address and other attendees will be unable to contact you to arrange room or ride share. Thanks!

    Please also BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE POSTS to see if people have posted and then found someone. And don’t just post your info, but take the initiative to contact those who have already posted!

    See you at NCSC 2018! 🙂

  2. Hosting says:

    Not only did I learn about issues that so many single Catholics share, but I was able to exchange ideas and encourage others. I came away feeling stronger in my Faith and excited about the next event.

  3. Melissa Hunter-Kilmer says:

    I’d love to share a room! I’m a 62-year-old non-smoking widow. Email me at phantomdiver@gmail.com and put NCSC in the subject line. Thanks!

  4. Patrick Leblanc says:

    HI, I’m from NY and am thinking about sharing a room.

  5. Monica says:

    Hello I am in the Houston area , 50 year old woman wanting to carpool to event and share a room with someone. Contact me thanks, Monica – morihuela68@icloud.com

  6. Caron says:

    I live in a suburb of Atlanta and would like to share a room for the conference. I am an active 61 year old woman who will be participating in lits of the events. I am a non- smoker and want to room with a non smoker please.
    Contact me through email.
    Thank you. Caron.

  7. Brenda says:

    Hello –

    I’m coming from Chicago looking to share a room. 46 year old female. Contact me if you’d like to share.
    Brenda – pparkiheart@gmail.com

  8. Mayra Osorio says:

    Hello my name is Mayra,
    I’m flying in from Oregon. I am planning on checking in Friday and would like to share a room with a female around my same age. I am 37 years old. Please contact me at rodriguezmayra1982@gmail.com if you’d like to share!

  9. Patricia LaCroix says:

    Hi! I live in the Chicago area, I’ll be 55 by the time the conference rolls around, and I’m a widow. While I prefer to have my own room, I’d love to share the ride down there with someone. I’m actually thinking about going via Greyhound! But I don’t want to do that alone. If anyone lives up this way and would like to share the adventure of taking the bus to Nashville and back with me, please let me know! trixielcx@gmail.com I would like to get there by Thursday evening and leave by early Sunday afternoon. Thank you!

  10. Blandine Kemayou says:

    Hello Blandine here,
    I will be coming from Columbia Missouri. I’m 28 years Young 🙂 and I’m looking for a female roomate.
    My email blandinekemayou@gmail.com

  11. Nicole Hamilton says:

    Hello – My name is Nicole. I’m looking to share a room if someone is interested. I’m 32 and will be flying in from Vermont. I haven’t bought my plane ticket yet, but am looking to arrive either Wednesday or Thursday, and then depart either Sunday or Monday. If interested please feel free to email me at nmh21187@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  12. BRADLEY M WRIGHT says:

    Hello My name is Brad Wright this would be my 2nd time going I went last year in Minneapolis. I am going to buy room soon I was wondering if any male would like to share a room with me? You can email me at bradley.wright.it@gmail.com if you are interested.

  13. Junior Payano says:

    Hi, I’m a 32 year old Male looking to share a room. The more the merrier to save some money.
    I intend on always being out and about so I’ll barely be in the room.
    Arriving October 24 Thursday (I want to go Salsa dancing , or Swing)
    Departing October 27 Sunday

    FB: Jr Romeo

  14. Connie Pile says:

    Connie, 41 coming from Houston. Trying to find roommates, the more the merrier. Connie.pile@gmail.com

  15. Dorothy says:

    Hi, I’m Dorothy from California. I would like to share a room. I am over 40 and never been married. Please email me at: dorthi@hotmail.com.

  16. Shelly Emery says:

    Hi my name is Shelly. I will be flying in early Friday morning from Florida. I would be interested in sharing a room with someone. I am 44 years old and a non-smoker. Looking to share with another non smoker. semery88@yahoo.com

  17. Jane F Poelman says:

    Hi my name is Jane I will be coming in from montana either the 23rd or 24th and am looking to share a room. I am 33 years old and a nonsmoker. Please contact me at j.poelman25@gmail.com

  18. Jenna Wilson says:

    33 year old Female, non-smoker looking for roommate. Looking at arriving thursday and departing monday.

  19. Maribel says:

    Hello, I am from Chicago looking to share room. I am 43. Bella. Maribel.frnc@yahoo.com

  20. Cheryl says:

    Coming from Charlotte NC…looking for a roommate. – Cheryl, nernyl@gmail.com

  21. Jenna says:

    I just booked a room for Thursday night through Monday morning (24th-28th). Contact me if you are a gal who wants to share it.

  22. John says:

    My name is John coming from Chicago arriving Friday leaving Sunday – John.frederick63@gmail.com

  23. James Beich says:

    Just need a male roommate for Thursday night and my other roommate won’t make it until Friday. Please email if you need a room for Thursday. God bless. Jcbeich@gmail.com

  24. Dianne Ambrose says:

    2019 Nashville Conference
    Hi MY name is Dianne. I am 54 yrs old widowed non smoker. I would like to share a room. Also I plan to drive so if you are in the Atlanta area or on the way up let me know.
    Phone call or text 706-338-2402

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